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The Wellbeing Festival in Norway connects people who share a deeper, sustainable vision of our world and future. Offering a multitude of experiences, our festivals give room for hundreds of exhibitors, volunteers, workshops, talks, and thousands of visitors.

The Wellbeing Festival is yearly event in Lillestrøm (close to Oslo), Trondheim and Bergen, hosted by VisionWorks, the publisher of the magazine Visjon, Norway’s leading journal for personal development and a holistic lifestyle.

The festivals are golden opportunities for reaching out to the wellbeing audience in Norway, in fields like holistic health, yoga, movement, vegetarianism, nutrition, environmentalism, green living, animal rights, spirituality, mediumship, clairvoyance, NLP, conscious living, and many, many more.

The festivals in Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo host 3000-8000 visitors.
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Therese Stordahl, event manager Wellbeing Festival
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Eirik Solum, program manager Wellbeing Festival (talks/workshops/concerts)
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